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Become A Naturalized U.S. Citizen

It is possible to live one’s entire life in the U.S. as a legal resident, but after living a number of years in the United States, many immigrants seek to become citizens of their adopted home. Whether you are motivated by patriotism, the desire to participate in America’s elections, seeking to solidify your right to live in the same country as your family or for any other reason, we can help you apply for U.S. citizenship and work through the naturalization process.

Becoming a U.S. citizen does not happen overnight. In most cases, applicants must have lived in the United States for at least five years — that requirement is reduced to three years for residents married to U.S. citizens. While nearly all naturalization applicants are lawful permanent residents of the U.S., there are a small number of exceptions to this — the Law Offices of Vivian N. Szawarc can help you determine whether you are eligible to apply. If you are not currently eligible for citizenship, we will identify the steps you can take to become eligible in Southern California and elsewhere.

Once you have completed the application for U.S. citizenship, the final “test” is an interview with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. This interview is usually conducted in English, though some exceptions are made for applicants with special needs. The Law Offices of Vivian N. Szawarc will help prepare you for this interview so that you are confident and informed from the beginning of the naturalization petition process to the end.

Obtain U.S. Citizenship With An Experienced Immigration Lawyer’s Help

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Vivian N. Szawarc represent clients who have immigrated to the United States from all over the world, and our goal is to keep your life running smoothly for as long as you would like to remain in this country.

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