Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration law can be frustrating and confusing for many individuals. If you or someone you love has been deported, having trouble with their immigration status or are confused on what options are available, you need to get as much information upfront as possible so that you are well-informed about your options. Programs and guidelines are changing and it is getting much more confusing to get the help you need.

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I live in Los Angeles, but my husband was detained in Arizona. Are you able to help him in another state?

We have clients all over the United States because immigration law is a federal law. All the immigration offices as well as all the immigration courts and the immigration judges work under the same laws and regulations, regardless of the state they are in, allowing us to defend you wherever you are being held or residing. If your home is in California we can also move your case back where it is easier for you to go to court, present your defense from removal and bring your family for support.

I have a criminal record. Can I still obtain legal status in the United States?

We have been able to prevent the loss of someone's legal status through a waiver, or even obtain it if they never had it even with serious convictions such as murder, bank robbery, discharging a gun, drugs, fraud and other offenses. With our help, you can do it! Call us to find out how.

My friend obtained her papers in three months. Will I be able to obtain my papers the same way?

All cases are not identical, and that is the reason why one of the most important parts of our work is to evaluate the specifics of your case, so we can agree on a decision as to what is the best way to proceed to obtain the desired results. A careful evaluation of each case is the first step to succeed in every legal process, and we offer a free consultation to get you started.  Call us to find out how we can help you.

My brother is detained. Are you able to get him out and help him with his immigration case?

We work hard to get detainees all over the country free on bond. We apply for any necessary work permits and continue fighting for their rights before the immigration judge to get them their legal permanent residence through cancellation of removal, asylum and adjustment of status, among other means. Also, many green card holders are placed in removal for crimes, old and new, even if they only plead guilty to a crime just to get time served and get out of jail.

Why should I hire an experienced attorney instead of doing it myself?

That's a great question. Unless you are an attorney by training and dealing with immigration matters regularly, it is highly doubtful that you will be able to accomplish the work on your own. In fact, one small, innocent mistake could cause your immigration application to be rejected or delayed by years. If there is an error in your application, immigration officers do not call you up or otherwise get in touch with you and ask you to correct the problem. They simply move on to the next application. Most of the time, you will not even know what is going on with your case.

How much does it cost for a consultation with ?

We offer a free initial consultation over the telephone or in person with a qualified and experienced representative. Consultations with our attorney Vivian Szawarc are available for $150 for an initial in-person consultation. This fee is credited toward any attorney fees if you decide to retain our services, we never charge for consultation once you become our client and while we are representing you.

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Do you offer payment plans?

Depending on your particular case, it might take as little as $300 to get started toward a more secure future by legalizing your status in the USA. We offer payment plans tailored to suit the length and cost of your case. Don't worry about this; we will work with you to ensure this is affordable for you.

This seems pretty easy. Can I fill out my own immigration paperwork?

Many people think that immigration law is just filling out forms. In fact, U.S. immigration law is extremely complex and it is always changing. Many of our clients are people who attempted to file immigration petitions themselves but were either rejected or delayed. Legal fees often end up being higher in such cases. There can be many irreversible consequences for this. Let us help you, or at least point you in the right direction. Call us for a free consultation — you'll be glad you did.

I have another question that is not answered here.

No problem. Click here to ask us a question or call us at 888-666-8820 and let's talk.

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